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Piranha Clamp is a centering vice with a completely new guiding system for extreme clamping power. There is no prior shaping necessary and it is the lowest build on the market. The slim construction is crucial, to maximise the workspace area.

High precision with an unbeatable clamping force characterise the piranha centering vice.

Piranha Clamp is unique to the market with a minimal 3 mm clamping depth, and an open construction which allows for easy chip removal.

The spindles can withstand pressures well above 1300 Nm². The gliding bars are coated, hardened and surface treated. This unique design creates an extreme clamping force which eliminates the need for pre-clamping.

The patented quick-change system enables super-fast changeovers with a wide variety of clamping jaws.

The extremely low construction of the Piranha Clamp zero-point clamping system provides the optimum interface to the machine.

Repetition accuracy of better than 0.01 mm

All elements are 100% manufactured in Switzerland.

Piranha Clamp is unique!

Gepard Centering Vice

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Snapper Centering Vice

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Key Features

Highest clamping force due to the gliding bars
No pre-clamping
Best quality and accuracy
Minimum material loss due to 3mm clamping depth
Low construction height
Open construction for quick cleaning
High repetition accuracy 0.01mm
Hardened functional surface
EMPA tested spindle on tension for extreme clamping forces 1350 NM2
100% Swiss made

Gepard Quick-Change-System